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About Me & B.E.


Hey there, I'm Brianna Elizabeth!

If I don't have a camera in my hand, I probably have coffee in it.

When I smile, my eyes super squint and when I laugh, I throw my head back. 

In deciding what to name this photography business and my dream, I decided to keep it short and sweet - B.E. Photography. The more people that I meet and work with, the more I'm inspired and encouraged to think about what it means to “BE”. 

Quickly, the foundation of what I do was formed.  

Sometimes we look at pictures of ourselves and dislike what we see.

My purpose through B.E. Photography is to capture the beauty and uniqueness

of every single person, so that when you see images of yourself, you fall in love

with who you are, on the inside and out. Simply put, your photos should be a

reflection of your heart as a human BEing. (Oh yeah, puns are my fave.)

B.E. Photography’s goal is to share this world’s true beauty through a camera

lens, because so much of that beauty lies in the people who live in it.

So what does B.E. Photography stand for? Simply BEing. Being strong. Being happy.

Being courageous. Being BEautiful. But most importantly, just being you.

For any session that you book with B.E. Photography, I will be there to help you with every step. Once the session is done, I'll go through the images, cull, edit and upload them to a private digital gallery that is link sensitive. You'll receive all of the edited images from our time together with no limit on the amount and your link will never expire.


I mainly work in Northeast Ohio but am willing to travel!


My mission is to perfectly capture you just BEing you; to help you fall in love with who you are, from the inside and out. Along with weddings, I capture portraits for couples, high school seniors and families!

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